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Tantra & Sacred Sexuality


This time-honored path unifies the inner with the outer, the sacred with the profane, the universal and the particular, the sensual and the spiritual


...approaching every aspect of your life as though it was a sacred moment, ripe with ecstasy and bliss. This is my mission and the mission of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality.

The Deep Meaning of Tantra


The question we are always seeking the answer to and that drives every choice we make is…

“How do I find the lasting happiness, the depth of intimacy, and the ever-expanding freedom to experience the richest, most fully-expressed life possible while in this body?”

And this is the question for which Tantra provides the most holistic answer.


It is a vast and ancient science that provides the very roadmap to commune with the infinite itself and to remember that which you always and already are, so that bliss becomes your constant companion.

Tantra itself is simply a word attempting to capture that which cannot ever be contained in a word, which is why there are innumerable definitions of Tantra.

But, the simplest and most concise way that I can summarize its underlying and overarching intention is…


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“I have worked with countless practitioners, but never have I felt such a deep affinity and opening as I did with Salona. Every session is always the best session ever. It was a journey of so much magical empowerment. She made possible for me an expansion and blossoming within me that I had completely given up on. I feel endless gratitude for her gift that is like nothing else out there.” – Gayle Meyers

In Tantra, the body is seen as a sacred portal to awakening

Sacred Sexuality

Sacred sexuality is what flowers as a result of releasing the

shame and guilt that have been holding your aliveness hostage

Contrary to...

...the popular idea that most people have and teach, Tantra is not exclusively about sex.


Sacred Sexuality is only a very small facet of a much broader picture.


In Tantra, the body is seen as the sacred portal to our awakening.


It is my mission to liberate you in all aspects of your life, and sexuality is a perfect microcosm that reflects how you live every aspect of your life.

It is my mission to liberate you in all aspects of your life, and sexuality is a perfect microcosm that reflects how you live every aspect of your life.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling numbed out, estranged from your feminine aliveness, and shut down sexually, which leaves you feeling disconnected from your body, sensually flat, and emotionally malnourished…


A deep desire burns in your heart

to be truly met and deeply satisfied in the wild love and soulful intimacy you know you’re meant for…


You yearn for more and know in your bones that so much MORE is possible and that your are destined for it.



You most definitely are destined for so much more…


That “MORE” lives in your aliveness…


And, that aliveness is sourced from your sexual energy

Before I started coaching with Salona, I was in a situation where I felt totally stuck, lost, and exhausted. Now I am aware that I can create my life differently in every single area and I am clear on how to do so.


The greatest reward from our work is that I now have an expanded awareness of  and deeper connection with my feminine power, embodied wisdom, and intuition.”


~ Uta Zimmerlinkat

While the sexual practices are only one facet of the vast science of Tantra, it absolutely embraces sexuality as an integral component of our wholeness, fulfillment, and vitality, without which we will always feel that an essential part of us is missing.

Take the journey of returning to your essential wholeness


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To embody the transcendent in everyday human life and become ever more present to our true divine nature is tantra

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