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My journey of Tantra is ever-evolving by the day. But, the simplest and most concise way that I can summarize its underlying and overarching intention is: 

To embody that which we seek in the transcendent and to use our ordinary human daily existence to wake up to the extraordinary

There are countless paths and lineages

Whether we’re talking about Classical Tantra, Neo-Tantra, Left or Right-handed path, Buddhist Tantra, non-duality…

Each and every practice of Tantra is an opportunity to free the soul and expand consciousness as a means to discover and become ever more present to our divine nature and to who we are way beyond our body/mind experience in this apparently limited reality.


Classical Tantra

Is characterized by devotional practices, ritual, mantra, yantra, pranayama, yogic asana, purification practices, breath work, and deity worship.



Is a modern movement known for its emphasis on cultivating greater intimacy, sacred sexuality, and employing various sexual practices as a portal through which to access and harness the infinitely creative energy of our sexual aliveness in service of our ultimate awakening.

Through either approach

The ultimate goal of any and all Tantra practice is union with the divine, which is ultimately the experience of Self-remembering and Self-recognition.

“I have worked with countless practitioners, but never have I felt such a deep affinity and opening as I did with Salona. Every session is always the best session ever.

It was a journey of so much magical empowerment. She made possible for me an expansion and blossoming within me that I had completly given up on. I feel endless gratitude for her gift that is like nothing else out there.” – Gayle Meyers

The ultimate goal of any and all Tantra practice is union with the divine, which is ultimately the experience of Self-remembering and Self-recognition.

Sacred Sexuality

There’s so much you can do to reclaim your ecstatic potential

While the sexual practices are...

Only one facet of the vast science of Tantra, it absolutely embraces sexuality as an integral component of our wholeness, fulfillment, and vitality, without which we will always feel that an essential part of us is missing.


Because it rejects no aspect of our human existence, Tantra provides us with the pathway to restore the sacredness of our sexuality, embrace our erotic innocence, and reclaim our sensual and sexual wholeness as a gateway to our highest potential.


Soulful, sacred sexuality is a conscious choice to make sex (alone or with a partner) a time of personal worship, spiritual awe, and transcendent wholeness.

It provides the tools and practices to enjoy, enrich, and expand our experience both within our own bodies and our intimate relationships – all of which ripples out beyond the bedroom and into the rest of our lives and our experience of ourselves in the world.

So how do we liberate this powerful creative force that lives within us and allow it to flow into all aspects of our lives, bringing pleasure and joy to even the most mundane aspects of the every day?


You are in the perfect place to find out.


This work is not about trying to fix what was never broken or become something different

The transformation simply occurs by gently removing the blocks, fears, limiting beliefs, and contractions around our sexuality, our authentic self-expression, our hearts, and relationships to reveal our essential wholeness that is always already there.

This discovery heals wounds and traumas at the deepest level, so you naturally feel more sensually alive in your skin, confidently sexy in your body, and more whole as a woman.


When we remove from sex all agenda or goal orientation, we make every moment a delicious, loving, and intimate experience in which everything shimmers in the light of its divine source.


Sex is then transformed from being a means to an end into the pure presence that opens the doorway to experiencing the perpetual ecstasy of your true Self.


While Sacred Sexuality is a significant aspect of Neo-Tantra, there is so much more to Tantra than sex. 


Imagine approaching every aspect of your life as though it was a sacred moment, ripe with ecstasy and bliss

This is the mission of Tantra as I teach it

If you are ready to discover more aliveness, feel more spiritually nourished, and be more sensually expressed within yourself, your intimate relationships, and your life, let’s explore how we can create this for you. 

Before I started coaching with Salona, I was in a situation where I felt totally stuck, lost, and exhausted. Now I am aware that I can create my life differently in every single area and I am clear on how to do so.


The greatest reward from our work is that I now have an expanded awareness of  and deeper connection with my feminine power, embodied wisdom, and intuition.” ~ Uta Zimmerlinkat

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