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Special Coaching Package
Home Study Program


A PERFECT WAY to enjoy a self-guided journey and deepen it with the power of 1:1 support tailored to you and your life

EACH ONE of these journeys is a potent dive into the most common themes that women come to me desiring greater expansion around.

EVERY VIDEO is filled with gold that has the potential to radically transform your life if you truly allow yourself to receive its practical, timeless wisdom and begin applying it in your own life.

EMBODIMENT & INTEGRATION is the key to the sustainable change and lasting shifts that will take you beyond where you are


I'M SO DELIGHTED to be offering a more intimate, customized experience with the option to supplement any or all of these courses with private support to take the work even deeper and to make your journey even more delicious.

Pick Your Experience from the 3 Options

These are the great Digital Journey Home Study programs

you can choose from (or get them all)

Reclaim Your Love & Lust for Life

The Art of Magnetizing Love (or anything you desire)

The Frequency of Radiance

Plan 3
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Plan 1
Plan 2
  • 333$
    • 1 program of your choice and 1 coaching session