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7 Essential Steps to Living a Divinely Inspired Life

Discover more aliveness and create more fulfillment, all while falling in love with yourself and your life like never before

More pleasure can only come from pleasure

  • This is not about overhauling your life or chasing some end goal

  • It can be so much easier and more simple than that.


  • It’s about focusing on making each day the best day possible…


  • Eventually, these days add up over time to make radical changes in your life.

  • When you feed your feminine radiance from the inside out

  • You rewire yourself on every level to become magnetic to the life you want

This is exactly why I designed this 5-part training...
to teach you how to discover and embody Your Authentic Feminine Radiance no matter where you are on the journey

So much of the time, we are rushing...

  • Rushing to wake up, rushing to eat, rushing to make love, rushing to get tasks completed, and then rushing to get to sleep.

  • Rushing to live the life that is burning in our hearts.

All the while, you may be…

  • Stuck in the depletion, burn-out, and flatness of the monotonous grind

  • Feeling empty and know life can be more so much more than this

  • Going though the motions, while your life feels completely devoid of joy

  • You know your inner well is meant to be full and abundant.

  • And, you’re hungry to let your feminine energy lead the way

Here’s what I want you to know…

The bottom line in closing the gap between where you are and where you long to be in your life is that your focus your attention needs to be on feeling good and activating your PLEASURE POTENTIAL


The pleasure you desire and are seeking is AVAILABLE TO YOU NOW


It’s not only in that someday when x,y,z happens  that you’ve been believing you have to wait for

Happy Woman Waking Up

In fact, discovering it, experiencing it, and ALLOWING YOURSELF TO FEEL IT NOW is the only way to get more of the fulfillment and freedom you are seeking


You are 100% responsible for how much pleasure you feel or allow yourself to experience - now or later


And if there isn’t a now - as in more pleasure now - there isn’t going to be more pleasure later

Because more pleasure later can only come
from more pleasure now!

The key to feeding your feminine radiance is to give her the time and space to come forward


What's in the Course?

This course provides you an opportunity to ….

Slow down


Open up more than ever to the desires humming in your soul

Feel amazing in your skin...

And to love yourself and your life into the next best version of what you've always wanted it to be

Modules Include:

  1. The Frequency of Radiance

  2. Goal Setting the Feminine Way

  3. Embodied Sufficiency

  4. Awakening Your Inner Oracle

  5. Seducing Your Desires

  6. Redefining Success

  7. Harnessing Your Magnetism

Find Your Frequency of Radiance Today

  • 97$
    The Frequency of Radiance
    • 5-Part Video Series

Salona Carlisle is a teacher of Tantra, Feminine Embodiment, and Sacred Sexuality.

Since her first yoga class in her early teens, she knew that she was here to be a teacher and guide for those who wanted to step into their fullest potential.

Her mission is to empower you to liberate your deepest desires, harness your soul’s unique destiny, and unveil the divine radiance within you, so that you can enjoy the freedom and pleasure of embodying the fullness of you and living each day with the passion and devotion to live your richest life from the inside out.


About Your  Guide


"What I’ve discovered along my journey is that the hardest of times and darkest of moments can be turned into the very springboard and catalyst for the most potent and lasting transformation."

- Salona

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