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A woman’s pleasure is essential to a life of
profound happiness and lasting fulfillment

Most people believe that pleasure is nothing more than a passing high or a frivolous, luxurious, self-indulgent option.

But, the fact is, pleasure is your soul’s way of loyally and lovingly guiding you towards the life and depth of satisfaction you crave.

Having your pleasure on command is the epitome of freedom, power, and sovereignty, because it is the most direct portal you have to taking back control of your life and your reality.

In this life-changing masterclass, you will:

  • RETURN to the inner freedom and sovereignty that comes from being tapped into the source of your embodied, feminine wisdom

  • LEARN the #1 ingredient to get everything you want

  • RECLAIM your power to feel the way you want to feel and have the experience of life you crave


  • DISCOVER how to optimize your sensual aliveness and delight in life


  • MAKE the transformational shift from being a victim to the creator of your experience


  • END the cycle of pleasure deprivation


  • FIND out why hoping and waiting for things to change before you can feel better is actually keeping you stuck


  • UNDERSTAND the #1 secret to being irresistibly magnetic to your desires and energetically aligned with the future of your dreams

Reclaiming Your Pleasure IS Reclaiming Your Wholeness
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What is Excavating Pleasure All About?

I DESIGNED THIS COURSE to guide you into a deeper understanding of why pleasure is absolutely essential to living a life of profound happiness and lasting fulfillment, and then to show you  how to begin excavating this powerful hidden source of your feminine brilliance.

AS A FEMININE EMBODIMENT MENTOR and transformational coach, I have the great privilege of supporting women in breaking free from the struggle, shame, and mediocrity that’s keeping them stuck and then redirecting all that energy into expanding their pleasure potential.


THE INTELLIGENT EMBODIMENT OF PLEASURE IS the most powerful fuel to live a life that feels true to you, so you can experience soul-deep fulfillment now – NOT later.


THE SENSUALITY AND FEMININE ALIVENESS that unfolds becomes your portal to reclaiming your innate wholeness and embodying that in its fullest expression.


Pleasure Is Not Optional. 

It Is Essential

WHILE IT'S NOT ALWAYS A QUICK FIX or walk in the park, it is essential to our feminine fulfillment, radiance and sovereignty. And it will reap invaluable rewards right from the beginning AND along the way.


THIS EASY-TO-FOLLOW, 4-PART AUDIO SERIES will guide and support you in discovering exactly what it takes to cultivate an empowered relationship with pleasure and, ultimately, yourself.

IT WILL INSPIRE AND LIBERATE YOUR AUTHENTIC PLEASURE and your deepest desires, so that you can live a life informed by pleasure, aliveness, and your unique flavor of feminine brilliance.


Ready to dive in?

  • Excavating Pleasure

    Liberate the Untapped Potential of Your Feminine Brilliance
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    • Immediate Access to this 4 Part Audio Program

Start Your EXCAVATING Today

Salona Carlisle is a teacher of Tantra, Feminine Embodiment, and Sacred Sexuality.

Since her first yoga class in her early teens, she knew that she was here to be a teacher and guide for those who wanted to step into their fullest potential.

Her mission is to empower you to liberate your deepest desires, harness your soul’s unique destiny, and unveil the divine radiance within you, so that you can enjoy the freedom and pleasure of embodying the fullness of you and living each day with the passion and devotion to live your richest life from the inside out.


About Your  Guide


"What I’ve discovered along my journey is that the hardest of times and darkest of moments can be turned into the very springboard and catalyst for the most potent and lasting transformation."

- Salona

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