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When success is disguised as failure

Where are you waiting for circumstances to appear a certain way?

Or until you’ve transformed into the image you’ve been carrying of the woman you believe you need to be in order to be worthy of deep joy and fulfillment?

Or before you’re able to love yourself and your life more than you do now?

As long as you’re waiting to feel the way you desire to feel, you’re allowing yourself to be robbed of the one power you have.….to determine and create your experience of life.

What this creates is a vicious, codependent relationship with life, in which we give all of our power away to circumstances and conditions to determine exactly how we will feel and when.

In other words…. how happy, successful, inspired, enthusiastic, and good we will let ourselves feel, for how long, and and how often.

Whatever game you’re playing is the one you will be the most practiced at and, therefore, win.

So what game would you rather play and win at?

The game of powerlessness, victimized, lack, deprivation, failure, never enough…?

Or the game of success, freedom, powerful creator, and unconditional joy?

One way to start mastering a different game is by identifying, starting right now, something or some way in which you believe you’re stuck or are failing or have missed the boat or whatever it is you’re blaming yourself for or using as a reason to not let yourself feel the way you desire to feel.

If this were a success in disguise, what would make it so? And what is the higher purpose it’s serving?

The most powerful shift you can make is remembering that…

Sometimes the deepest happiness and fulfillment come not from getting what we think we want or from life always going our way.

Rather it’s getting what we require – which may appear in the form of a setback, a challenge, a delay, or deprivation – in order to be initiated into more of the women we are ultimately here to become and to wake up to even more of the fullness and invincibility of what we’ve always been.

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