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If your experience isn't what you want

If your experience is not what you would like it to be right now…

You’re allowed to feel discouraged.

You’re allowed to feel frustrated, disheartened, disillusioned, tired, or whatever may be coming up for you in the face of not having what you want and wishing things were different.

AND, there’s also another option.

The option to still be in full participation with the experience of life - whatever it is that is unfolding in the moment - which goes beyond our judgement of it as good or bad, right or wrong, challenging or easy, ecstatic or painful

Sometimes the worst things turn out to the be best things in disguise.

Usually, we only come to that recognition in retrospect though.

What this means is that you don’t have to wait until retrospect kicks in before you choose to step into your power and to create your reality.

In other words, even if that’s not how your experience feels now and it’s hard to see how it could possibility be the best thing or how anything good could come of it…

You still do always have the opportunity to make it so - regardless of what’s happening or not - by turning it into whatever you want this experience to be for yourself.

What would happen if you surrendered your ideas of what you wish it was or think it should be?

What would it be like if you truly just lay down your resistance to it for a time, if you surrendered to life as it is in this moment, and allowed yourself to learn what this is here to teach me…

And let life show you where it wants to move from that wide openness and availability

There’s something alchemical that happens when, instead of pushing against or wishing things away, you actually wholeheartedly bring your all into full participation with how life IS arising.

You can more deeply trust that, whatever the outcome may be, at least you know it won’t be because of all the ways you were withholding, shutting down, rejecting, complaining, or giving your power away.

Instead, you can trust that, whatever unfolds from here is going to reflect that open-hearted, expanded state of giving yourself fully to the moment and to this particular dance with life.

In this way, you will receive so much more deeply the growth and the wisdom that this very experience was designed to bring you.

You make it worth whatever struggle or distress it’s stirring up in you, because you decide that you’re going to win and become more in every way you possibly can because of it.

This is exactly what I teach my clients how to do as a way of life…

Alchemize adversity into expansion and become the source of their own fulfillment and so nourished from within that they no longer depend on anyone or anything outside of themselves for their worthiness, joy, and satisfaction.


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