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What’s Between You and What You Want?

How often do you notice what’s amazing about you and your life?

Or how often do you find that instead, you’re actually completely missing out on our life because you’re struggling to figure out what’s wrong with you or what needs to be fixed or improved in order for you to finally, hopefully, get to where you want to be within yourself and your life?

What I see is an epidemic of women sleepwalking through their lives, living what ends up being a half-lived life, and depriving themselves of the joy and soul-deep fulfillment that COULD be experienced in any moment.


Because they’re carrying around this relentless sense of deficiency, which has them on this perpetual hunt for what needs to be changed or acquired in order to resolve what seems lacking in themselves or their lives.

They end up in this trap of constantly chasing after what’s not already here in the hopes of finally, someday…. being, accomplishing, and having “enough” in order to earn their value or deserve to feel good, to feel joy, to feel happiness.

I don’t want you to be one of these women and I trust you don’t want to be either, so if you struggle with any of this…

Here’s the way out:

First step is to wake up to what’s unconsciously driving you and running the show behind the scenes by getting radically honest with yourself as you ask:

“What is between me and joy? In this moment, this day, or in general?”

Some of the most common barriers are:

  • Being in resistance to what IS. Any time we are in judgement or “No” to any aspect of ourselves or our live, we are depriving ourselves of the very thing we’re craving

  • Getting caught in the endless trap of fixating on problems in an attempt to correct or resolve what we believe is broken or wrong or missing from ourselves or our lives

  • Believing that another moment will be better than this one and the anxiously chasing what’s not already here. Rather than letting our selves feel joy in the present moment, we are trying to get somewhere else, to experience something that we assume will be better, different, more, etc., which has us leave ourselves, leave our bodies, miss our lives, and leave the moment, which is the only place joy, happiness, fulfillment, or whatever it is you’r craving more of can be felt.

Next, ask yourself:

“What is it going to take for you to make joy a priority and put joy at the center of your life?”

Because until you make the decision, the commitment, and become devoted to put joy at the center of your life, you will only continue to push away and deflect whatever it is you want and the happier future you’re running after.

  • Open to the possibility that bringing joy back into your life is what paves the way for major changes. It is not a waste of time, but instead a required next step.

  • Take on the knowing and embodying this position that placing joy at the center of my life is truly the very pre-requisite to getting everything I think I want.

  • Become more obsessed with joy and pleasure than with fixing yourself and your perceived problems

  • Continuously remind yourself unhappy journeys cannot have happy endings

  • Take on the practice of making it ALL about the journey – not the destination. In other words, make the goal not the arrival at some imaginary destination but rather make the goal and focus be on cultivating the way you want to feel along the way.

  • This moment to moment experience is all you have, and the only way you can ever guarantee you’ll get what you want is to open to feeling it now NOT postponing it for later.

  • And finally, relax open to the deeper truth that there is no problem. There is nothing wrong. Life knows what it’s doing and divine wisdom is always at play behind the scenes.

So what will you be devoted to today?


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