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The Source of Your Fulfillment Is Closer Than You Think

How much of your attention and energy is focused on wishing, hoping, and waiting for more ideal conditions to usher you into more pleasure of all kinds – emotional, mental, spiritual, sensual, and sexual – within your body, your business, your life, your relationships, your social life?

How often are you telling yourself how much better things will be when X, Y, and Z finally happen?

Or how much time do you spend thinking:

If only my dream partner was already here and we were creating our future together…

If only I had more money flowing in…

If only my career was thriving and I had more free time for fun and travel…

If only I was living someplace that inspired and nourished me, then I would feel more fulfilled, happy, connected, abundant, loved, turned on, peaceful, sexy, confident, worthy, successful, etc.?

It is a beautiful power we have to imagine, dream, envision, desire, and tap into the unlimited and infinite possibilities. And certainly a big part of my work with myself and my clients is about seducing our desires, amplifying our dreams, and reclaiming the permission and freedom that may have gotten lost along the way to do so to the point where this process can feel deeply sensual, especially in those moments when you open yourself to feel close enough to that vision that you almost touch it and let it infuse you completely with its deliciousness.

The risk, however, is that we set up this dynamic within ourselves and our lives of chasing, desperately seeking, and unhappily waiting in that someday when syndrome. When our default setting becomes this co-dependent relationship with life, we let our feelings be determined only by external circumstances and we base how we feel on what is happening or not happening, or on what is currently present or not in our lives.

There is so much more around the laws of the universe, manifestation, quantum theory, and neuroscience that I won’t go into here.

For now, one of the most direct remedies for this predicament is to simply remember…

Pleasure cannot grow out of the energy of lack, deficiency, emptiness, and desperate hoping for more, different, and better.

It cannot live in dissatisfaction, complaint, running away from, or rushing to get to someplace other than this moment where you are.

It can only come from deep presence, embodied sufficiency and wholeness.

Expanding your pleasure potential requires that you embrace your enoughness – your more-than-enoughness in fact – exactly where you are right here and right now, because pleasure is made out of the very energy of overflow, receiving, and “already experiencing”.

Where are you withholding love from any aspect of yourself and your life?

Where are you depriving yourself of deep satisfaction because circumstances aren’t as you would ideally have them in this very moment

What’s the story you’re telling yourself about the condition that needs to be in place before you can truly receive the sensation of more-than-enoughness both within and without?

Whatever version of pleasure you desire more of – whether it’s peace, fulfillment, joy, ecstasy, connection, security – is available to you now.

And, whatever you project into the future will remain in the future.

Self-generating that which you desire now is the only way to get more of it later, because your later is simply an extension of your now.

Life can only pleasure you to the extent that you pleasure yourself.

So the work is to own the privilege you have to embody your chosen state no matter what….to be bigger than your conditions….and to be even more abundant, joy-filled, content, and successful than your outer circumstances may indicate and reflect in the way your mind has convinced you is the only way.

What would you have to let go of in order to allow yourself to feel deeply satisfied right now?

What would it take for you to fall more in love with yourself just as you are and with your life just as it is?


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