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The Hidden Power Source of Your Pleasure Part 2

In part one, we began exploring your relationship to pleasure and how without the fuel of pleasure, you will not fulfill your purpose, because the fulfillment of our purpose is, in and of itself, an experience of ultimate pleasure.

Remember, too, that your relationship to pleasure is the most powerful gauge to determine where you are in relationship to your desires and to any experiences you’re feeling deprived of right now.

What this means is that every time you deny yourself the pleasure available to you in this very moment is keeping every desire you have – at arm’s length and pushing them further away.

I’ll be sharing much more on how to stop repelling and delaying your desires from coming to you in my upcoming FREE MASTERCLASS called “EXCAVATING PLEASURE”, which you can learn more about HERE.

But for today, the practice to start with is to become more habituated to allowing yourself to receive, experience, and be filled up with pleasure right here – right now by following one or all of the following steps:

1. Become aware of:

  • What percentage of your day or your week is spent feeling good?

  • Where are you cutting yourself off from feeling good?

  • And what are your habitual ways of shutting down or short-circuiting pleasure?

2. Begin to explore and get curious… “What would I need to let go of or stop doing in order to make more space for pleasure?”

Some of the most common habits that block and limit pleasure are:

  • complaining

  • rushing and staying constantly busy

  • being in judgement of any aspect of yourself or your life

  • saying “yes” to something when you’re truth is really a “no”

  • being in resistance to what is

3.Also, begin to explore and get curious about….“What’s the belief I would need to let go of in order to give myself permission to infuse and allow myself to experience more pleasure in my own life starting today and this week?”

Some of the most common beliefs that shut down and short-circuit pleasure are:

  • “If I slow down and relax , I’ll lose my footing, lose control, and my life will fall apart”

  • “I’ll become lazy and won’t get anything done”

  • “I’m not worthy. I don’t deserve it. I haven’t earned it”

4.And then every time you’re faced with an opportunity to feel good, ask yourself, “Am I willing to allow myself to feel good right now for long enough to upgrade my physiology into alignment with my desires? For long enough to raise my vibration into alignment with my desires?”

Getting back to my original point, you are meant for so much more than you are allowing ourselves to experience. You are meant to know joy, to feel good, and experience the full range of pleasure on all levels – emotional, mental, spiritual, and sensual

Whatever you desire, including the fulfillment of your purpose, IS an experience of ultimate pleasure.

You can allow yourself to receive whatever it is you want right now simply by making it a priority to habituate yourself to pleasure and allowing it to permeate your body, heart, mind, cells….and to be the sweetness that closes any gap you may feel between where you are and where you desires to be.

Finding pleasure takes just seconds and is already in your life if you would just give yourself permission to slow down and experience it.

All that I’ve shared here today doesn’t even have to be a massive overhaul or require a radical change. It can start with simply setting the intention to remember just a little more often than you have been and then taking baby steps towards that.

You can start this practice of prioritizing pleasure by collecting our attention inside and taking a deep breath all the way down to the tips of your toes and then get present to the fact that this moment just as it is now will never be again.

This immediately drops me into the sacred gift that this life is and reminds me that what is required of me is nothing more than to fully receive, enjoy, and be in reverence of this moment, and the next , and the next…


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