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The expansion you're hungry For

There are times when allowing the space is far more important than what you’re filling it up with.

You see … The expansion you are hungry for comes just as much from elimination as it does from addition

Just as much from being as it does from doing

Just as much from the invisible and from feeling as though you’re in the dark tunnel of what may feel like “nothing is happening” as it does from all the outer evidence that confirms “it’s all happening”.

Insider secret: what you’re really craving is an experience of yourself and your life that you believe all the circumstances you’re chasing will give you.

The key to get though is that you don’t have to wait for those circumstances in order to have a completely different experience of yourself and your life.

But, what you do need is to let go of that which you have been making more precious than your desires…

To let go of that which you’ve been giving your energy and space to that has been sucking the life out of you rather than pulling you deeper into yourself.

In other words, the “wanting but not having it yet” is asking you to release that which you cannot bring forth into the future you desire.

If you’re really honest with yourself, you already know that.

You know, because it’s incongruent with the version of you who’s living that life you so deeply crave.

When you reclaim that space, you open your feminine body to the flow of more eros and aliveness, which makes you more receptive to the impulses arising from your unique essence…

The impulses that hold within them the blueprint to your most ecstatic inspiration.

When nothing seems to be “working” and in what can feel like the most discouraging and disheartening of times…

When what you want seems so far away…

That’s the time to allow your longing to pry you open even wider rather than close you down

And keep choosing your expansion, your pleasure, and your desires, so that you can allow the illumination that’s wanting to come through.

This is what fortifies you with the courage, vulnerability, and resilience to lean into all that you desire without grasping in desperation, while also empowering you to be with what is without turning away from it.

This is what Tantra is all about.

Instead of seeking to change circumstances so quickly to be more comfortable, we meet the intensity of whatever it is we’re feeling with absolute love and acceptance.

There, we find what we’ve been seeking in everything and everyone else outside of us.

This is exactly why I created…

RADICAL BEAUTY :: Tantra For The Single Woman

A deep dive into the empowering world of the sensuous and the sacred to guide you back into the sweetness of life and into a profound love affair with self before other.

Everything starts with a foundation of love, embodiment, and presence.

If you’re ready to let your desires open you into the one who can receive them, this is for you.

If you feel the pull, simply reach out for a free consult HERE.


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