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The Essence of Tantric Practice

If you’re not living your life in the way you know you could be...

Once in a while, it’s a really powerful practice to surrender the need to know the answer.

Surrender the need to make something happen and fast forward into the next stage of your life.

Surrender the need to get anything from anyone or anything.

There’s never anything missing.

There’s no such thing as being lost.

There’s never anything going wrong.

You can’t mess it up.

This moment and season of your life is giving you exactly what you need.

Listen deeper.

Find out what it is teaching you.

Sip every drop of nectar from it that you possibly can.

Our goals never give us what they promise to anyways, because what we’re actually chasing never actually comes from the external world.

It only ever comes from you activating it from within, which means YOU are the source of your experience.

That’s why your greatest work will only ever be you.

So, make it your goal to keep choosing you…the you you want to be and become no matter what circumstances may be.

Be even more available for the gift of right now - especially when things don’t look or feel the way you would prefer - and trust that there absolutely is one.

Make it your goal to fall in love with and be romanced by where you are as if you chose it with all your heart above any other possibility.

On some level, you did, because of the deep medicine it has for you.

Make it your obsession to find it so fully that you wouldn’t trade it for anything.

It holds the key that will eventually open all the doors that you’ve been knocking on…

IF you let it.

This is exactly what will allow where you are to prime you for something more beautiful than you can even imagine.

This is the essence of Tantric awareness and practice.

It’s the art of turning the most ordinary of moments and experiences into sacred portals.

This is the alchemy and expansion we dive into in Radical Beauty :: Tantra For The Single Woman

For the woman who is wildly devoted to living her desired life now instead of waiting until later…

And who wants to discover a depth of wholeness, everyday bliss, and self-sourced passion in herself and her life that is independent of circumstances.

If it’s calling you, book a free consult HERE. Together, we can explore the possibility and see if it's the perfect next step for you.


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