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The Art of Self-Worship

It’s so easy for women to feel like less of a woman, less attractive, and less desirable when they’re single.

It’s also easy to find yourself falling into mindless habits, feeling flatlined and less inspired, maybe even giving up on your desires, and behaving as though you’re waiting to live…

As if single life is just a place holder and the space in between in which you’re just passing time.

It becomes a time to just get through, tolerate, and hurry up and get to the other side of.

You hang in there, making the most of it.

But, what you’re really doing is outsourcing the joy and aliveness you’re capable of and depriving yourself of the fullness and satisfaction that you want to be experiencing, while you hold out for that amazing relationship to eventually show up.

Being single becomes a means to an end rather than an end unto itself.

What if, instead, it became a time to deepen into even more and relish the rich opportunity you have to receive more of yourself than you ever have before…

A time to be completely present with the truth and needs of your heart and body and then learn to meet them.

And you began to turn this precious time you have with yourself into the prize - not just the man and the relationship - by mastering your capacity to pour all that love you have to give and are wanting to receive from another into you.

You can make it a time to harness all that desire and yearning for the One into becoming the woman who belongs to herself, who doesn’t need a man or relationship to feel the way she wants to feel

A woman who knows a level of freedom, wholeness, and confidence that is unshakable

Who knows, in every fiber of her being, that she is worthy of worship without needing anyone to validate or confirm it.

This is how you turn being single into the most profoundly sacred opportunity to learn how to desire and cherish yourself in the ways you’ve always wanted…

To feel deeply nourished and sensually satisfied in your own skin

To inhabit your own fullness and radiance

For YOU.

This is what I’m teaching my clients in…

Radical Beauty :: Tantra For The Single Woman

You create the vibration for the kind of relationship you want to be in when you cultivate that relationship within yourself first.

The more you dive into you…

The more sexy and irresistibly magnetic you become.

Impossible to ignore really ;-)

If it's calling you, reach out for a free consult HERE. We can explore the possibility together and see if it's the perfect next step for you.


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