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Sourcing Pleasure In The Whirlwind of Life

My heart aches whenever I’ve reached the end of a day and realize I did not pause to appreciate the beauty of the sky, to luxuriate in the sensual caress of the warm summer air on my skin, or to celebrate the potent opportunity of the present moment to choose the lens through which I desire to experience myself and my life, or to truly listen to absolutely stunning bird songs or to the quiet whispers of my embodied feminine wisdom nudging me towards my soul’s deepest desires and to that which is in alignment with my highest joy and ultimate freedom…

There are so many ways in which we fall off center, lose touch with ourselves, and with our reason for being in the first place….allowing so much noise to interfere with our capacity to expand our pleasure, our delight, and our awe in both the simple and grandest pleasures of being alive….which is why I love renewing my devotion again and again and again to how I’m living this precious life moment-by-moment and breath-by-breath — something we can never re-devote ourselves to too much. – something we can never do too much. So how do we infuse our experience with more pleasure and presence when it feels as though the whirlwind of life is happening to us and race against time feels exhausting? It can start with noticing when we’re leaving, when we’re spinning, feeling less clear, ungrounded, powerless, micromanaging the details or easily swayed by the fleeting circumstances, and forgetting what matters most and how we actually desire to feel, to be, and to show up for life in as many moments as possible. And then, from there, it could look like: Choosing presence more often and for longer stretches of time Remembering our body, the beautiful temple housing our magnificent soul, and inhabiting and listening to her more often and more fully Sometimes, all it takes is deepening and widening our breath AND our perspective. Other times, when life just feels really freakin’ hard, it requires digging deeply to discover and extract the rich wisdom and potent evolution that is hiding in the murkiness of the cracks, the darkness of the shadows, and the aggravation of the grit to access whatever grace and divinely inspired insight we can. Each of these practices are simple, yet extremely powerful, ways in which we can increasingly give ourselves permission to relax into the perfection of this now moment and then to allow it to be as good as it can be, because that is what shapes the next, and the next, and the next…


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