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My favorite practice for downshifting into presence & pleasure

As a “get-it-done” kind of gal, I definitely have a tendency to race through certain parts of my day, and I know well the experience of getting caught up in the hustle of hurrying to get as much done as possible, so that I can finally relax into a sense of accomplishment and progress.

Even as a young girl, I would make a point to finish all my homework before I would let myself enjoy my favorite activities of playing the piano, drawing, or swinging on swing set.

When all that we want…

When whatever the “more” is that we’re seeking…

The fulfillment we’re desiring…

And the accomplishment and success we’re working really hard to achieve….

All seems to be “out there”,

Then, it’s no wonder we can so easily fall into the trance of running around like a headless chicken to make sure we stay on task and keep moving in the direction to accomplish all that we believe is necessary in order to connect the dots and hopefully, finally get “there”.

( Just thinking about it makes me exhausted )

But how easily we lose touch with our original purpose, our original desire, and intention in the first place – – along with our pleasure and joy along the way…

And then forget that our presence is the one thing that is required in order for us to even be “there” and available to receive and fully enjoy the rewards of whatever it is we’re chasing to get to and and racing towards.

One of my favorite go-to strategies for downshifting into presence and, therefore, pleasure – because after all presence = pleasure in my book – is to make a 180 degree turn from racing to an imaginary finish line – whether that be the end of your to-do list OR the relationship, lifestyle, and success of your dreams –

And place it all instead onto your breath and your body….

And specifically on to what feels good….on to all the pleasurable, delicious sensations

And then from there, go from the pleasurable sensations that feel good…

Notice how one you place your attention there, it opens the space for more to arise and for them to grow, increase, expand proportionately to the attention you give them…

And then from there, expand your attention out to what feels good in your immediate environment, in the space around you, and in the space of your entire life. Notice…

What’s going well?

What is there to love?

What is there to enjoy and appreciate even more?

From here, we naturally and effortlessly access and drop into an even greater trust in life and in the wisdom that is ever-present and that permeates our very existence….

That knows exactly where you belong and knows what you need to get there…

And knows that actually here is where it’s always at anyways.

Your only task is to allow yourself to feel as good as you can possibly feel in this moment and IN the very life that you’re living NOW.

And, your very own breath is the gateway to that presence and that pleasure that lies at the heart of any desire….any intention.

The only question is whether or not you postpone that presence and pleasure while doing everything that needs to be done to “get it”.

OR you choose to simply open to it now…knowing that your now is what determines the quality of your later.

When you find pleasure and presence now,

You’re already “there”…

You’re already home.

So, go ahead and give yourself permission to feel good right here – right now.

And allow the nourishment of pleasure to feed your deep, relentless hunger for more without having to go anywhere or get anything.

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