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How To Reclaim Your Pleasure

AS women we tend to fall into this trap of outsourcing our pleasure…

To other people – like our clients, friends, children, or lovers To other things – like a new pair of shoes or a car To other times, places, experiences other than where we are

The fact is, pleasure is an inside job. And, pleasure is always available.

The question is, how open are you to receiving it and deeply feeling it’s arousing embrace all the way in and through and around the layers of your being?

And yet this requires noticing all the ways in which we block, deflect, and limit our pleasure.

It requires slowing down enough into a space of deep presence.

And, it requires trusting existence enough order to feel safe enough to open wide and receive.

What are the stories you’ve been told or are telling yourself around why you can’t have pleasure in this moment right in the body that you currently have, or why you can’t feel happy in the life that you’re currently living?

Life is always showering you with myriad ways to experience the stunning delights of being alive and having a body through which to savor unlimited sensual aliveness.

And yet we’re often too busy, moving so fast onto the next big accomplishment, intent on making sure we’re fulfilling our soul’s purpose, on getting ahead, and on having, doing, and being more in the hopes of someday, one day, maybe, hopefully, finally, being “enough”.

What if your soul’s assignment was to simply expand your potential to experience the deep pleasure and happiness that is right here instead of waiting for life to deliver it to you?

What is the “more” that you have been hungering for and desperately seeking?

How will you start being the source of your own pleasure like never before?


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