An Essential Multi-Vitamin for Living an Authentic Life

I’m going to share with you about the deep source of nourishment I’ve been drinking from lately in case you would like to join me, especially if you’re self-care practice is in need of a little boost and you’ve been craving more of yourself in your life.

I’m always in awe of the immense richness that awaits us within whenever we are able to step away from the cacophony of the everyday momentum, noise, and bombardment of stimulation that is constantly vying for our attention. How easily we give our power, presence, and peace away to the constant hum of social media, the internet, and the increasing speed of technology that, unless we are fierce with our boundaries, will continue to seep into and flood all the empty spaces and cracks of our precious and sacred inner worlds.

Between my phone crashing and my internet service being down for most of the time other than intermittent, brief spurts this past week, while I wait for a new router and service appointment, I have been blessed with a welcome opportunity to be much more unplugged, internal, deeply reflective, and quietly resting in solitary confinement with myself than usual.

It has been exquisitely blissful for me to indulge in the time and space to sink way down and in, where I can feast on the depths of silence and stillness that await me there. It is in the luminous space of pure being that I naturally become more and more empty, receptive, and fully available to that which is ripe to surface, to be felt, listened to, witnessed, embraced, loved, and integrated…..the whispers of desire, wisdom, yearning, guidance, and invitation to both release that which is no longer in alignment in service of creating the space to emerge and open in all the news ways I am being called.

The potent inquiry that is wanting to be asked and listened to – and one that we can never revisit too often – is simply…

“Who am I. And what do I want?”

Living an authentic life that is true to YOU and that truly nourishes you to the very core of your being requires that you stay current with the woman you are today, as result of everything that has brought you to this moment, and with the woman you are primed to become.


Stop repelling your desires and start experiencing them instead, so you can stop missing out on your life and liberate the woman you’ve always aspired to be.

If you’ve ever felt afraid of reaching the end of your life without having truly lived it to the fullest in the way you know you’re here for, you’ll definitely want to be there! I’ll be sharing more details soon, so stay tuned….

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you. What is it that you’re really, really wanting these days?